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Bachelor of Education (Teaching)
Early Childhood Education

We know that the first 1,000 days in the lives of our tamariki are the most important. If you have a big heart for shaping children’s minds, with dreams of getting the best out of young learners, and with a commitment to being gracious, secure and teachable, then the ECE degree at BTI is for you. 

If you study ECE at BTI you will be among a select group who can integrate their faith with their professional practice as an early childhood teacher.  

Play Video about Student Study Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education

“BTI helps you to put your learning into practice.”

Courtney Stead – student teacher studying towards a BTI Early Childhood Education Teaching degree.

BTI’s Teacher Education programmes are approved and accredited by the NZQA and can lead to registration and provisional certification with the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Why study ECE at BTI?

  • Full and part-time study options
  • Learn in small groups onsite or field-based (based around an ECE centre) 
  • Be part of a relational learning community 
  • Only Christian-based ECE degree provider in NZ  
  • Staff take time to get to know who you are 
  • Staff walk alongside you as you study, offering great learning support 
  • Educators draw on the latest research and teaching practice 
  • Career opportunities in kindergartens, centres and home-based care. 

Our three-year Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE degree programme will prepare students to teach infants, toddlers and young children in a wide range of early childhood contexts and with Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum.  

On completion of your degree, you will be eligible to apply for teacher registration and provisional certification from the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand. The degree programme also opens doors to further study through postgraduate pathways. 

Graduates with skills for great practice

Graduates of ECE Teacher Education at BTI will have the skills necessary to:

  • Articulate and justify a personal sense of vocation and vision for their professional practice
  • Develop educational practice that is relational, responsive and transformative
  • Draw on their developing personal philosophy and knowledge of learning and teaching for planning and implementing wise, innovative and effective ethical practice
  • Engage with research and contextual evidence as a basis for their ongoing professional inquiry and resultant practice
  • Notice, recognise and respond as they gather, analyse and evaluate evidence of student learning in order to be accountable for that learning
  • Communicate effectively to a range of audiences through verbal, written, or visual media, including information and computing technologies
  • Design and organise rich learning experiences that maximise learning opportunities within a differentiated and nurturing environment
  • Include ngā tikanga Māori, te reo Māori and ngā toi into their practice in an authentic and respectful manner
  • Make theoretically and philosophically informed decisions to maximise their students’ learning

Field-based Programme Overview

Year 1
TFND 5111fb
Teacher as Reflective Leaner
TFND 5115fb
Education in Aotearoa
TFND 511fb
The Intentional Teacher Pedagogy of Play
TFND 5117fb
Professional Experience Placement: Pedagogy of Play
TFND 5121fb
Being and Becoming Culturally Aware
TFND 5122fb
Human Development
TFND 5125fb
The Intentional Teacher: Noticing, Recognising and Responding
TFND 5126fb
Professional Experience Placement: Noticing, Recognising and Responding
Year 2
CRPD 6215fb
Being and Becoming Culturally Responsive
CRPD 6216fb
Thinking and Exploring: Maths, Science and Technology
CRPD 6217fb
Assessment, Planning and Evaluation in the ECE Context A
CRPD 6218fb
Assessment, Planning and Evaluation in the ECE Context B
CRPD 6225fb
Social Competence and the Compassionate Teacher
CRPD 6226fb
Language, Literacy and the Arts
CRPD 6227fb
Education and Care for infants and Toddlers
CRPD 6228fb
Professional Experience Placement: Infants and Toddlers
Year 3
INTP 7311fb
Being and Becoming Culturally Competent
INTP 7315fb
Inclusive Practices in Aotearoa: Additional Learning Support Needs
INTP 7316fb
Stewardship and Sustainability in the ECE Context
INTP 6315fb
Teaching as inquiry: Integrated Practice
INTP 7322fb
Teaching as inquiry: Research Project
INTP 7325fb
Leading and Managing in the ECE Context
INTP 7326fb
Professional Experience Placement: Full Responsibility

ECE Education Team

Gayle Te Kani: Head of School of Teacher Education

Karyn Robertson: ECE Programme Leader

Denice Morgan: Educator

Jocelyn Flett: Educator