Code of practice for tertiary students

BTI supports and is covered by the Code for Learner Wellbeing and Safety.

The Code for Learner Wellbeing and Safety (PDF, 925KB) sets out the roles and responsibilities of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) such as BTI in promoting and supporting your wellbeing, development and educational achievement.

Under the Code, BTI should be helping you to be:

  • safe, physically, and mentally
  • respected and accepted for who you are
  • supported in your learning and wellbeing
  • connected with your social and cultural networks and
  • able to have your say in decisions about services.


Students working together

Concerns or complaints

If you have a concern or complaint about an individual student/group of students, staff or BTI administration, then you are able to make a formal complaint to the ELT (Executive Leadership Team) if you feel your concern has not been resolved through the usual channels. Please first attempt to resolve at the level your concern has occurred – face to face with the student/student group/ educator, then to your Year Group Coordinator, then to the Head of School, and if that is not resolved satisfactorily, then follow this process.

Please thoroughly read and understand this policy before submitting your concern or complaint.

Student complaint policy

Student complaint process

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