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Entry requirements for international students

Those who are intending  to study at BTI and do not meet one of the following criteria would be considered international students: 

  • A New Zealand citizen
  • A New Zealand permanent resident
  • A holder of a NZ residence class visa which allows for an indefinite stay within NZ and who is currently living in NZ
  • An Australian citizen who is currently living in NZ
  • An Australian permanent resident with a returning resident’s visa and who is currently living in NZ
  • Anyone who meets the requirements as stipulated within The Domestic Tertiary Students Notice 2022

International applicants must meet all of the general entry requirements for the programme they want to study as well as meet the New Zealand qualification verification requirements and English language requirements.

Preparations for applying to study at BTI:

  1. Choose which programme you want to study at BTI and check that you meet the entry criteria and English language requirements for that programme
  2. Plan for your budget and visa.
  3. Apply for your programme and complete the application process.
  4. If your application is successful and you are accepted for studentship, you will need to apply to Immigration NZ to arrange for your visa to study.
  5. Arrange travel, insurance and accommodation.

Programme entry requirements

If the programme you are applying for requires evidence of previous tertiary study and you will be using an overseas qualification to fulfil this requirement, you will need to provide qualification verification.

To ensure you will be able to meet this requirement prior to submitting your application you can either:

a) Check that your overseas qualification is listed in the Qualifications Exempt from Assessment Register on the New Zealand Immigration website.


b) Obtain a copy of your International Qualification Assessment (IQA) for your overseas qualification which you can apply for and receive from from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

If you have not already received an IQA, please be aware that once you have applied for study that BTI may request you to undertake this assessment for verification of your particular qualification even if your qualification appears on the Qualifications Exempt from Assessment Register. This is due to the register being primarily used for immigration purposes rather than to assess the suitability of the qualification as a foundation for further study in New Zealand. BTI will only request this when considered necessary in order to ensure all areas of academic criteria are met.

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) Academic Entry Requirements

The Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) requires a qualification that is equivalent to a New Zealand Level 7 undergraduate degree (or above) which meets the programme academic requirements and provides an appropriate background in subject area(s) relevant to the New Zealand secondary school curriculum. Those who are intending to study at BTI are invited to email a copy of their academic transcripts to prior to submitting their application for advice on their eligibility to apply and which teaching subjects their degree may support.

English Language Competency

If English is an additional language for you, you will be required to meet the English language competency requirements of the programme applying for.

If English is your first language, then depending on the programme you are applying for, you may still need to meet the literacy competency requirements for all students.

Please note that all your lectures will be in English. You will be expected to write essays, give seminars, take your own notes, interact with children and/or teenagers and adults and do all your assignment work in English or Te Reo Māori.