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Great Hearts and Minds

BTI is dedicated to growing great hearts and minds in our students through Christian-based tertiary education programmes that give you a professional qualification as well as nurture your character.

Our Vision

To be a relational, responsive and transformational Christ-following community who are committed to growing a faithful expression of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centred, biblically informed professional preparation, development and research for influential service.

Our Ethos

We believe that people teach, counsel and relate out of who they are. Because of that, we are interested in the growth of men and women, not only towards a professional goal, but towards reaching their God-given potential. Relationships are central to life at BTI as we work and grow together.

Our Heart

We support people to grow holistically and academically.
We want to stretch students towards excellence so they are able to translate knowledge and skills into professional practice. Alongside this, we want to develop practitioners who are teachable, secure and gracious. We anticipate that patterns established at BTI such as work habits, relationships and spiritual perspectives will grow and develop in depth and richness over the years.

Our Values

In terms of our life and work we value:

  • A Biblical Christian worldview as formational
  • Personal and professional enquiry and integration
  • A strengths-based learning and missional community
  • Treaty-based relationships within Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Purpose

We offer a wide range of contexts, activities, ideas and methods in our courses so that this growth may take place. We want to help form professionals who are sought after for their personal and professional standing.