Intensives are block courses where students come together from all around the country and study together for 1-2 weeks. Intensives are held on or near campus.

Students in class
Students with educator on campus

Intensives at BTI

Most students come to the BTI campus for at least two intensive visits each year. This means that if you don’t live locally you will need to allow for travel, accommodation and meal costs.

Check your timetable: As stated in our Programme Information – timetables change semester by semester, so wait until you have the timetable and THEN book your travel.

Please remember that you need to check that the papers you are enrolled in work on the timetable. Attendance at intensives is compulsory. You cannot go on with any paper that presents a clash because you will miss the intensive. It’s your responsibility to check this!

All students will need to bring their own lunch and snacks when they come onsite for intensives.