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Why BTI?

Study at BTI

BTI offers part-time, full-time and distance study options for teaching, social work and counselling qualifications. We also offer a Level 4 Certificate in Study and Career Preparation to help students gain confidence and skills before starting a higher qualification. Our postgraduate options include a practical and professional master’s degree and postgraduate diploma.

BTI ranks alongside universities in New Zealand and NZQA gives us their highest rating as a Category 1 tertiary education provider. You can read the External Evaluation and Review (EER) report here. 

Although we are small, we care and we get results – this is shown in the calibra of our graduates and the successes they experience when they leave BTI, both personally and professionally.

At BTI, we are a dedicated and growing community who are motivated by a Christian faith that is meaningful to us and fuels our passion to be agents of positive change.