Research at BTI

At BTI we are passionate about research; how our research shapes our own programme delivery and helps to support and grow those engaged in professional settings.

BTI partners with local businesses and non-profit organisations to undertake and publish research. 

Students and staff working together
Dr Nikki Kiyimba

Dr Nikki Kiyimba is one of our leading researchers at BTI

Research informs teaching which informs research

We have 9 PhDs on staff currently, all of whom teach in our undergraduate programmes and one of whom works as part of the academic support team. We believe this greatly enhances the learning experience for our students and leads to better outcomes.

BTI staff research includes:

  • ‘Interweavings’: Conversations between Narrative Therapy and Christian faith
  • Illness, Impairment and disability: Language and metaphor in six people’s actions of agency
  • Development and Evaluation of a Pilot Training Intervention for School Guidance Counsellors around Adolescent Depression
  • Influence of the Diploma of Teaching Studies on teachers in Tonga
  • Calling the courageous – When more of the same won’t do
  • What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Exploring the connection between cordial relationships and general learning relationships in the practicum context
  • Cultural confluence – Challenges for a training provider intending to work cross-culturally within Maori and Pasifika contexts

High quality research recognised

The quality of BTI’s research is recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission in recent PBRF rounds. This reflects the increased number of ‘research active’ educators at BTI, the quality and rigour of the research being undertaken, and acknowledges our national influence.

BTI’s research success was confirmed in the 2018 Quality Evaluation round with high quality evaluation outcomes and ongoing funding for further research.

The latest EER report from the NZQA confirmed that BTI is increasing its research capability and outputs. Research informs our degree teaching.

International research projects

International research projects are currently underway.

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