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Research at BTI

At BTI we are passionate about research; how our research shapes our own programme delivery and helps to support and grow those engaged in professional settings.

BTI partners with local businesses and non-profit organisations to undertake and publish research. 

Students and staff working together

Dr Nikki Kiyimba, is a leading researcher and former Head of Postgraduate Studies at BTI.

Research Roundtable

He whakaaro noa iho Christian Research in Aotearoa Roundtable was held at BTI and online on Friday, 7 October. 

Focused on having conversations and celebrating research success, Peter and Lindsay were pleased to encourage fellow researchers and share outcomes of Christian research in Aotearoa.


Research informs teaching which informs research

We have 8 staff with doctorates and several with doctorates underway, as well as many more active in research projects. All of our researchers teach into our programmes or supervise postgraduate research students. We believe this greatly enhances the learning experience for our students and leads to better outcomes.

A new book!

Former Head of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Nikki Kiyimba, in collaboration with trauma expert colleagues in the UK, recently published, ‘Discourses of Psychological Trauma (2022)’.

This will be a key text in the course ‘Identity and Trauma’, led by Dr Simon Webb, which is part of our new Postgraduate Certificate in Responding to Trauma.

Research themes

Current themes of BTI staff research include:

  • Vision and Vocation: outworking faith in the workplace
  • Teacher dispositions and strategies for effectively supporting the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students
  • Impact of addictions on family and whānau (in collaboration with Braveheart NZ)
  • Enquiry into experiences of changes in tertiary education delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Chickadee: a therapeutic book for preschool children
  • Part of the International Heroism Science Conference, Fostering Strength-based 2023 Community

High quality research recognised

The quality of BTI’s research is recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission in recent PBRF rounds. This reflects the increased number of ‘research active’ educators at BTI, the quality and rigour of the research being undertaken, and acknowledges our national influence.

BTI’s research success was confirmed in the 2018 Quality Evaluation round with high quality evaluation outcomes and ongoing funding for further research.

The latest EER report from the NZQA confirmed that BTI is increasing its research capability and outputs. Research informs our degree teaching.