Outstanding staff

At BTI, you will learn from staff who are experienced teachers and educators, researchers, practitioners, health workers and graduates themselves. Many have worked in private practice, for public institutions and for universities in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

You can be confident that whether you’re joining us onsite or online you’re learning from the best educators, from people who have real-world experience, who care for you and for each other, and who love Jesus.

“We all have our stories. But we share a common story, too. We all work for BTI and, each in our own way, help transform the lives of Aotearoa New Zealand’s future social workers, counsellors, and teachers. And we do what we do because the gracious hand of God is upon us, because we have been called together for such a time as this, and because we confess that for this we have Jesus. Our Christian faith is our foundation stone, prayer is our disposition, Scripture is our lamp, and the love of God compels us.” – Dr Andrew Butcher, Te Taiurungi/Principal