Our Student Association

BTI’s student organisation, BISA, is refreshed every year with representatives across each class and year group at BTI.

Student life at BTI is diverse, energetic and varied depending on if you study primarily by distance or on campus. BISA is now gearing up for a busy time of events, socials and competitions.

Photo and quote from BISA President 2022 Sheena Brewer
2022 Student Council for BISA

2022 Student Council

Students have now nominated and appointed their BISA representatives to the 2022 Student Council:

Early Childhood Teacher Education

  • Yr 1 – Melissa Rathgen
  • Yr 2 – Charmaine Spencer-Smith
  • Yr 3 – Alice Hofsteede

Primary Teacher Education

  • Yr 1 – Danielle Ashman
  • Yr 2 – Kita Clare
  • Yr 3 – Grace Hughes

Secondary Teacher Education

  • Kat Cambridge
  • Robert Evers

Master of Professional Practice & Leadership

  • Sheena Brewer

Bachelor of Counselling

  • Yr 1 – Mahina Mora
  • Yr 2 – Michelle Thew
  • Yr 3 – Rosanne Rea

Bachelor of Social Work

  • Yr 1 – Gemma Van Huenen
  • Yr 2 – Tamielle Monk
  • Yr 3 – Katrina Nicol
  • Yr 4 – Helen Nicholls

Also appointed was the Executive Committee for BISA:

  • President – Sheena Brewer
  • Vice-President – Rosanne Rea
  • Secretary – Kita Clare

“It is an honour to be the BISA President for 2022, and I am looking forward to working with the class reps this year on your behalf. I am currently a 2nd year Masters student and a Year 7 teacher at Bethlehem College. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute to BISA, please talk to your class representative or me,” says Sheena Brewer, BISA President for 2022.

To find out more, contact your BISA class representative or a member of the executive. 

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