Student Policies and regulations

There are a number of policies relevant to student life that you should read. Policies govern areas such as refunds, withdrawals, guidelines for placements or practical experiences, graduation and plagiarism, for instance. 

How to read a policy

Details of responsibilities for initiating and undertaking reviews of policies and other official information are included in the policy documents where relevant. Details of the approving authorities are also provided. Any queries about individual policies and documents should be referred directly to those designated as responsible for them.

Karyn Robertson and students

Student Handbook

Everything you need to know about studying at BTI in this interactive PDF Student Handbook.

Regulations for each programme

Each programme of study also has detailed regulations covering withdrawal dates, what is required to complete the programme and time limits. These regulations are available through BTI Online. 

Concerns or questions?

If you have a question or concern after reading a policy or regulation, please get in touch with our Student Engagement Coordinator Rhena