Fees and Costs

As an international student, you must pay international fees as well as organising and obtaining a student visa before we can finalise your enrolment.

For every course you enrol in at BTI each year, fees must be paid before you can complete your enrolment. Fees include:

  • Programme costs
  • Compulsory Student Services Fees (CSSF)

When do I need to pay the fees and compulsory student services fees?

Fees need to be paid to BTI before you can apply for a NZ Student visa. Compulsory student services fees can paid on enrolment at BTI.

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International tuition fees per programme per year in 2023

These tuition fees include compulsory student services fees, as outlined below. 

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) ECE

Onsite $25,699.60

Field-based/Offsite $25,525.60

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary

Onsite $25,699.60

Offsite $25,525.60

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Offsite $28,718.80

Bachelor of Social Work

Onsite $25,699.60

Offsite $25,525.60

Bachelor of Counselling

Onsite $25,699.60

Offsite $25,525.60

Master of Professional Practice

Offsite $14,262.80

Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice

Offsite $14,262.80

NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation

Offsite $12,765.30

Postgraduate Responding to Trauma Micro-credentials 801, 802, 803

Offsite $680.73 per 5-credit course

See also Fees and Funding.

See also 2022 fees (available until the end of December 2022) 

International students will also need to factor in other costs:

  • Course related costs
  • Costs such as photocopying or printing
  • Accommodation costs
  • Living costs such as food, phone charges, recreation and other expenses.

Compulsory Student Services Levies

See also Compulsory Student Services Fees.

From 2022, BTI is charging a lesser student services fees for those students who only study by distance, considered “offsite” students. The student services fees for offsite students will be at 75% of the amount charged to an onsite student, based on the understanding that they do not use the same level of services as an onsite student. Total CSSF for a full-time, offsite student will be $525.60 in 2023.

Some programmes are only available to international students as offsite programmes. 

Course related costs

These are costs that you are likely to have to pay over the course of the academic year and include such things as stationery, textbooks etc. It is estimated that a full-time student should allow $1,000 each year to cover such items.

There may be other programme specific course related costs – such as camps, marae stays etc. You will find information relating to these (if any) within the programme information.

Withdrawal from your course

  1. Any full-time or part-time student who withdraws from a programme or course within the first half of the academic semester, completes the formal documentation, and receives approval for withdrawal from Academic Board shall have “WD” entered in the student regulations. The Academic Board reserves the right to not approve the WD is deemed inappropriate.
  2. If a student ceases to attend and/or complete required learning activities but does not withdraw formally, or withdraws after the halfway point of the academic semester, this shall be deemed an informal withdrawal and “DNC” shall be entered in the student regulations.
  3. Eligibility for refund of fees is dependent upon formal withdrawal being made as determinded by the guidelines of Policy SG.23 Refund of Student Fees & WD Form (PDF)

Refund of student fees

Early Withdrawal – if an international student withdraws before the published withdrawal date (up until the end of the tenth working day after the start date of the programe), the student is entitled to receive a full refund less a deduction for costs incurred by up to a maximum of 25% of fees paid, provided BTI incurred costs to this amount and can justify these costs.

BTI will notify Immigration New Zealand if an international student withdraws or if a student’s enrolment is terminated.

If a student withdraws after the published withdrawal date for the academic year of their programme, and fees have been paid:

  • There will be no refund in respect of the fees for full year or first semester courses.
  • Fees paid for second or subsequent semesters will be refunded less an administration fee of 10% or $500.00, whichever is the lesser.

If fees have not been paid yet, the full fee for that semester if still payable to BTI. In addition, plus the administration fee for the second or subsequent semester will also apply.

See Policy SG.23 Refund of Student Fees & WD Form (PDF)

Accommodation and other living costs

See Accommodation page
International students at BTI should also budget for private accommodation or homestay as there is no onsite accommodation. You should also factor in transport to and from campus, as well as other living costs.

See https://www.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz/how-to-apply/five-steps/?id=plan-your-budget#tab-plan-your-budget

Working while you study

Some visa conditions allow international students to work while they study and some do not – you should check this carefully before you apply. See Immigration NZ