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Student Services Fees (SSF)

The Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) mandates that we publish information relating to how BTI utilises the Student Services Fee.

The Student Council is the consultation forum for SSF and is made up of class reps and staff representative. Decisions about SSF are to be made jointly with BTI to determine the maximum fee that students will pay and the types of services that will be delivered within the permitted categories set by TEC. Students can talk directly with their class reps to make their views known on the SSF.

The CSSF will be $720.00 (GST inclusive) for each full-time onsite student in 2024. This can be broken down to $6.00 per credit of enrolled courses.

From 2022, through the initiative of the Student Council  and in consultation with BTI, distance students pay a lesser student services fee. Distance students with no onsite components (except for intensives) are “offsite” students. The rationale for this is that a distance student does not access the same level of services as an onsite student.

Student Services Fees for a full-time offsite/distance student is $541.20 in 2024.

The fee funds key services for students to support their success, retention and overall well-being while studying at BTI, broken down into key categories:

  • Careers information, advice and guidance
  • Counselling services, pastoral care, student support
  • Financial support and advice, student hardship
  • Clubs and societies (BISA), student representation, Student HUB
  • Sports, recreation and cultural activities, student engagement

All students (domestic and international students) must pay student services fees. Domestic students can borrow the amount against their student loan.

Students in the Hub

2023 Student Services Fees

2023 Student Services Fees (SSF) were spent as below:




Careers information, advice and guidance$43,600
Counselling services, pastoral care, student support$66,540
Financial support and advice, student hardship
Clubs and Societies, BISA, student HUB
Sports, recreation and cultural activities, student engagement$11,540
Fees surplus/deficit at end of year-$26,200
Total fees received$139,850

For a more detailed report: SSF Report 2023

The Student Services Fees is held in a student fee protection account by Public Trust

BTI educators and Student Support staff are on hand to help with employment, career development and advice. We help students and graduates with everything from CV preparation and interview skills through to putting candidates forward for employment opportunities.

Employment opportunities include practicum placements throughout their course.

BTI staff provide advice and support to students to make informed decisions about their career path to improve their employability such as helping with their choice of practicum placements.

At BTI we have a range of support services that are here to help you through any issues that may arise. We are here to walk with you on your journey as a student and our aim is to make your study here as enjoyable and fruitful as possible. All staff have the responsibility to provide support to students.

Each programme has a person or group who is responsible for the pastoral care of students during their study. BTI adheres to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic and International Students. ​

There is also a provision for external professional counselling (Counselling Referral and Support for students SG.36).

To help students focus on their learning, we offer presentations and guest speakers with expertise in a variety of areas. These presentations boost students’ knowledge in areas like budgeting, health and wellbeing, and effective communication. There is also the twice a week karakia /devotions to enrich students’ cultural and spiritual wellbeing.

BTI runs a range of events and activities, including sports events, overnight Marae stays, workshops, programmes and induction activities to engage our diverse student community.  This includes student events and get-togethers during intensives for all year levels and programmes. 

BTI offers students information and advice to manage their money, including assistance with StudyLink issues and budgeting. In addition, BTI provides emergency financial assistance for students experiencing extreme financial hardship through a hardship committee (He Kete Pāwera).

Clubs and Societies (BISA), student representation, student HUB

BTI provides administrative support to BISA and the Student Council to ensure student representation, and includes Support Services staff and the Executive Leadership Team’s advice and guidance. The Student Council consists of class reps from every year level and from every programme. The Student Council meets every month to discuss any issues.

BTI provides facilities to the Student Association (BISA) including student areas (HUB), free tea and coffee, full student kitchen. The student association also organises student events e.g. annual ball for students.