Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice and Leadership

Looking for the next step in your professional career? Wondering if you can enhance your professional practice by accessing the latest research? BTI’s Professional Practice and Leadership postgraduate diploma offers all of this and more.  

Professionals enrolling for the postgraduate diploma join the Master’s degree programme and complete four 30-credit taught courses but not the thesis part of the programme. 

Programme overview

The Master of Professional Practice and Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice programmes create a safe, but challenging space focused on ‘being and becoming’ confident Christ-following professionals whose practice is research-informed.
The learning experiences within the programme equip and enable participants to engage with research and reflective inquiry into their professional practice in order to improve understanding of that practice and increase its intentionality and strategic alignment with the biblical narrative and the idea of the Kingdom of God on earth. 

Dr Lindsay Fish is the Programme Leader for the Professional Practice and Leadership programme, and is an experienced researcher and educator.

Graduate profile and careers

Graduates from a postgraduate programme of study such as the Master of Professional Practice and Leadership will find it advances their career prospects, either within a current professional field, or into an allied field.  

The development of the programme during 2020 to add the leadership component now positions students well within the market place to take the next step on the career ladder. Graduates will have a rounded knowledge of leadership as applied to their particular professional context, bringing middle and senior management positions within accessible reach. 

Daniela Brown speaking at Graduation 2021

Daniela Brown giving an address at Graduation 2021

Master of Professional Practice and Leadership

Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice and Leadership