Master of Professional Practice and Leadership

Looking for the next step in your professional career? Wondering if you can enhance your professional practice by accessing the latest research? BTI’s Master of Professional Practice and Leadership postgraduate degree offers all of this and more.  

Unique approach

At BTI we recognise that we are created to engage with the spiritual dimension as well as with the social and physical aspects of people’s lives in the places where we live and work. It is this unique approach to the Master’s degree, together with an integration of theoretical, personal, and professional learning spaces, that will give you the edge over other professionals. 

All professional backgrounds

We have students on this programme from all professional backgrounds who are seeking to transition to a deeper level of understanding of the intersection between their personal gifts and calling and their professional context. 

Advance your career

Completing a reputable postgraduate programme such as the MPPL can help to advance your career, moving you up the career ladder, or into a connected field.

Integrate professional with personal

A key component of our professional master’s degree programme is to heighten awareness of your own gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and ways of thinking that influence your ‘ways of being’. By engaging in this way, students enter into a practical synthesis between existing literature, personal experience, the Biblical narrative and your own professional context, allowing each to inform the other. These cycles of critical reflection provide opportunities for questioning societal, cultural, and institutional norms and potentially challenging some of the prevailing assumptions and values that inform them. 

Study offshore from anywhere in the world

Students can now enrol in our popular Professional Practice and Leadership programme from anywhere in the world. 

Accredited by NZQA and therefore approved as a tertiary programme with a high level of credibility globally, BTI’s master’s programme offers you the chance to get ahead and integrate your professional and personal life from where you are in the world. 

Wholly online programme

Students access learning and teaching resources through BTI’s dedicated student portal BTI Online, and using tools of remote working. 

The Professional Practice and Leadership programme creates a safe, but challenging space focused on ‘being and becoming’ confident Christ-following professionals whose practice is research-informed.

The learning experiences within the programme equip and enable participants to engage with research and reflective inquiry into their professional practice in order to improve understanding of that practice and increase its intentionality and strategic alignment with the biblical narrative and the idea of the Kingdom of God on earth. 

Dr Nikki Kiyimba, an experienced international researcher, author and educator, explains our MPPL programme in this video.

“l initially went into the master’s programme unsure of whether I could complete it, but through the gentle nurturing and support which I received from the teachers, I was able to complete my degree. I knew that God had called me to complete the MPPL at this time in my life and knowing that gave me the drive and passion to persevere.” 

– John Wilson, Teacher, graduating with Master of Professional Practice & Leadership 

Philippa Becker, testimony

Graduate profile and careers

Graduates from a postgraduate programme of study such as the Master of Professional Practice and Leadership will find it advances their career prospects, either within a current professional field, or into an allied field.  

The leadership component of the programme positions students well within the market place to take the next step on the career ladder. Graduates will have a rounded knowledge of leadership as applied to their particular professional context, bringing middle and senior management positions within accessible reach. 

Master of Professional Practice and Leadership

Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Practice and Leadership