Teacher Education Conceptual Framework

BTI has recently updated our ECE and Primary Teacher Education Conceptual Framework, which describes the core values, skills and knowledge that our graduates leave BTI with. 

We seek to graduate early childhood and primary teachers who are considered “Wise educators – who are gracious, secure and teachable, and whose professional practice is relational, responsive, and transformative.”

Not only will our graduates have been trained to have great practice as a teacher, but great hearts for ākonga (students) and great minds for lifelong learning, adapting and growing as kaiako. 

Image of BTI Teaching conceptual framework

Wise educators who...

  • Motivated by love
  • Inspired by hope 
  • Desiring justice 
  • Growing in faith
  • Mindful of God’s word
  • Aware of the whole person
  • Attentive to learning needs
  • Cognisant of ideas
  • Effectively communicate
  • Build positive relationships
  • Manage complexity
  • Inquire into their practice
  • underpinned by manaakitanga, kaitiakitanga, and wairuatanga. 

Core beliefs of our ECE and Primary Teacher Education programmes: 

  • God as our creator
  • Christ as our saviour
  • Hope for restoration

Guiding principles of these programmes: 

  • God’s word is central
  • Aotearoa is unique
  • Coherence is honouring
  • Teaching is complex
  • Character is foundational
  • Community is valued.