New Zealand Certificate in Study and Employment Pathways

(Previously called the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation)

If you’re interested in studying but are worried about whether or not you’ve got what it takes to be a successful student, BTI offer a six-month certificate that is designed to equip you with increased knowledge, skills and confidence in their ability to succeed academically. It is specifically for those who are not yet ready to enrol directly into one of our degree programmes.

This is a six-month full-time programme which prepares students for tertiary study for people-helping professions such as social work, counselling or teaching. On successful completion of this qualification, graduates may be eligible to apply for the entry interview for the related bachelor degree programmes at BTI.

“I came to BTI with a desire to study the Bachelor of Counselling degree. However, I lacked confidence in my ability to achieve this. I was advised that BTI had a course called the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career preparation that would help.

This course has taught me so many skills, from time management, reading, note taking, structure of essays and reports. It has built my confidence to believe that I can succeed in the degree.

I chose BTI because of the Christian teaching in the curriculum. This is helping me to grow my faith alongside my studies. 

The environment at BTI is extremely supportive and welcoming. I feel like I am part of the BTI family.” 

– Maria Cleland, Graduate from NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation 

Why study the certificate at BTI?

Choose to study with BTI because we offer:

  • Targeted programme aimed at supporting entry to BTI degree programmes
  • Christian-based programme where educators walk alongside students to support them
  • Totally online course (with optional onsite three day intensive)
  • Varied learning activities with relevant, incremental assessments.

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Locate, select and analyse relevant information from a variety of sources and apply it to context-relevant tasks and problems.
  • Work independently and collaboratively on context- relevant academic tasks and problems.
  • Develop and critique a study and career plan that identifies specific long-term career goals.

Learn how to study and maximise your time

Penny Merton is the Programme Leader for the Certificate

What do I learn?

The programme includes:
  • Straightforward and useful study skills, including reading academically, essay writing, referencing, time management, critical reading.
  • Interaction with ideas that challenge your thinking and expand your world.
  • A service-learning experience that runs throughout the programme and gives practical opportunities to see what your chosen profession actually entails.
  • A warm, friendly, supportive environment in which to learn.

Entry requirements

While the NZ Certificate programme is designed to give you an entry point to a degree programme at BTI, you will still need to submit an application and supply the required documentation. 

View the Documentation Checklist for the New Zealand Certificate in Study and Employment Pathways