Documents for Bachelor of Counselling Application

There are certain documents that you are required to submit with your application.

Please go through the dropdown checklist below carefully. 

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Documentation Checklist

To be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx) or in PDF format.

Download, complete and submit the editable Personal Statement, Reflection and Declaration Form. Remember to sign this form electronically by ticking the box where indicated.

A copy of your NZQA or other academic results or previous tertiary study transcript(s) if available.

Please click here to view the NZQA Table of recognised English language competency outcomes required for Level 7 tertiary study.

​If you have resided within NZ during the past 5 years please click here to download and then complete Section 2 and Section 3 only of the editable form and sign it electronically by ticking the box where indicated.

If you have resided outside of NZ during the past 5 years you will need to supply Police Vetting documentation from any country in which you have resided in during that time.

You will need to supply certified copies of two types of Identification (IDs). Please read the specific details below:

If these IDs have different names to each other you will also need to supply evidence such as a copy of a marriage certificate or name change certificate.
At least one of these IDs must have your photograph on it.
For Domestic Students: At least one of these IDs must show proof of NZ Citizenship or Residency (or other evidence which qualifies under the definition for a domestic tertiary student in NZ as applicable). Proof may include a certified copy of one of the following for NZ: passport, citizenship certificate, birth certificate, e-version copy of residency, birth register, etc.  

For a list of suitable identification please click here

How to certify your IDs:
• Make a photocopy of each of your IDs.
• Take your photocopies and IDs to whoever is going to certify them- they will need to see the original IDs before they can certify the photocopies of them.
• Your IDs can be certified by a person of standing in the community (e.g. a registered professional, or a pastor or community leader), a JP or the Police.
• Certified copies need to have the name, signature and stamp of the person certifying them and the date. If a stamp is not available, please ensure that the person’s position or job title is also written.


You can bring your original IDs onsite to BTI Reception where we can photocopy them and then certify these photocopies for your BTI application.

Photographs must be in “.jpg“, “.jpeg” or “.png” format, and should be no larger than one megabyte in size, and at least 300px wide by 360px high. Images taken directly from digital cameras are likely to be too large. 

  • This photograph will be used on your student ID card. Please ensure this photo is a clear head and shoulder portrait, and is in colour. Unlike a passport photograph however we do encourage you to smile!
  • If your image is too large, please resize it before uploading. Oversize images will not be processed. There are a number of websites that offer online resizing tools, such as which you might consider using if you do not have image resizing software available to you.

There are a number of websites that offer online resizing tools, which you might consider using if you do not have image resizing software available to you.

The Application Fee is a non-refundable payment for processing an application. Please click here to go to our secure online payment portal. Alternatively, you may pay by cash, EFTPOS or credit card onsite at the BTI reception. 

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